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The topic for this FlashBang is the sound of silence.

In most competitive FPS gaming there is a huge element of sound and location knowledge. It’s vital to know when someone is coming and from which direction, when this is combined with communication from teammates it is a supremely powerful tool.

Let’s paint a picture here, you’re the last player left vs 3 other players, you have 4 of your comrades saying what they know in various ways “they’re to your left behind the wall” “one is upstairs” “behind you” “they’re planting”and more. You have to decipher all of that information and combine it with the audio you hear in game then combine that with the visuals in a split second constantly making decisions to find those players, take them out and win the round.

Reducing the voice comms in such a scenario would greatly increase your chances of winning because then you could utilise the sound in game to guide you.

Do you think you would perform better? Well, you never know until you try it, so next time you’re playing a clutch situation ask for silent comms and see how you fare. Clutch or kick?

Next time we will be exploring why 144 hurts monitors are no more painful than 60 hurts monitors.