Registration for the T3H Esports Open Community Cup #3 is now open. The cup will take place on Saturday 2nd December with a start time of 18:00 CEST. There will be a prize of £250.00 for 1st place position. We have a Pro League guest caster “mzo” who has kindly agreed to cast our Semi-Final and Final! We hope people will tune in to watch even if they do not participate! This is an 18+ Tournament.

Please sign up via our Tournament website. Only one person is required to sign up. All rules and Information about the tournament can be found here too.

Tournament site:

Discord server:

Event: T3H Esports Open Community Cup #3

Date: 02/12/17

Time: 18:00 CEST

Game: Rainbow Six Siege

Platform: PC

Tournament type: Single Elimination Bo1 – Final Bo3

Teams: Max 32 (5 Players)

Prize: £250.00 for 1st Place

If you are interested in participating in this tournament but require further information then please contact our management team by emailing us at