Welcome to our latest mini-series, Peek of the Week, where we show you walls and floors worth breaking. Our first peek is fantastic for breaking defenders in House’s garage.

Peek locations from 1F into House's garage

Once the main garage has been opened, a common retreat spot for defenders is to go behind the white car. These two peek holes on the first floor give great angles on to that area.

The first hole is opened directly at the bottom of the main stairs, just inside the front door. This peek can easily be opened from outside the house with a grenade, destroying the main door in the process as a lazy bonus.

Sometimes once you open this spot, defenders will run around to the next corner, further in behind the white car. Fortunately, this isn’t a problem as the second peek spot has an even better angle on that.

This second peek location is equally easy to line up and provides a great shot into that white car basement corner with low exposure. It’s possible to even blind fire this one with minimal practice. Both these spots can also be good fuze charge placements. As with all peeks, they can go both ways, though in my experience these ones rarely backfire when combined with someone firing shots from the breached main garage.