Welcome to our latest mini-series, Peek of the Week, where we show you walls and floors worth breaking. This week’s peek is on Border and allows simple defense of the east stairs from the Valley spawn point.

As you can see, from the exterior, it’s very difficult to see that anything is amiss. In fact, if you’ve gotten this far, you’re already in the enemy’s sight line.

The defender sits on the stairs, peeking from under the railing. Depending on where you sit on the stairs, you can peek all heights a player can manage at that corner, with almost no exposure.

The peek is made by breaking the material under the railing on the stairs, and can be enhanced further by breaking the corresponding floor next to the railing from the other side.

The resulting peek lets you safely target any attackers on the corner as indicated above. It’s worth noting that this particular peek spot may be patched in the future. Unfortunately it relies heavily on a slight modelling error on the bottom of the railing. As such, we’re classing it as “filthy” to use, but the more you know…