Twas the night before tomorrow and after long talks, and debates, and discussions we finally came to a decision. Someone stood out, leaving everyone in the dust while standing there glistening in the sun. We knew it had to be them from the moment they applied but we also had to be sure, so we called in MI5 to dig a little deeper. Of course they found nothing, this person is a ghost. Perfect. They are the one.

So without further ado we want to congratulate and welcome Dale to The Team as our Social Media and Communications Manager. He’s already begun working on our online presence in the social realms and from our talks we will be seeing some great things from him in the future.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for social media, communications or you have some clips of your gameplay please send your links and info via the form below. You can email Dale directly so just ask him in TeamSpeak and he will give up his secret email address providing you give him the codeword.

Contact Dale

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