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Welcome to The Team

A proper PC gaming community.

Hello and welcome.

We are a multi-gaming e-sports community that likes to have fun, frolicks, and plenty of gamingtons.

We already boast some admirably skilled players in Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG, Escape From Tarkov, League of Legends, Overwatch and many other games. Feel free to pop in and say hello on our Discord or TeamSpeak. We are an inclusive society and will be happy to game with you whatever your age, sex, creed or rank.

We don’t have an imposing hierarchy or inner party politics as we want people to just be themselves and enjoy gaming. However, we do have a Code of Human Awesomeness (CHA), which we hope you will follow if you decide to join us. See below.

Well, that’s all for now. Keep an eye on our blog for news, tips and some top notch gameplay highlights. Oh, and come and get initiated for real to experience the ultimate in virtual hugs. You know you want to.

The Team.

Code of Human Awesomeness (CHA)


We’re a bunch of friendlies that promote good manners and encouragement among our team and any other gaming community we come into contact with. Always show respect to fellow players, even if they kill you! Trash talking is not cool and just makes you look like a nincompoop. Yeah, that’s right. We went there.


We encourage jokes, joshing and general tomfoolery. In our experience, games are best played with humour, so please bring your wit with you as your greatest weapon. We welcome swearing and any kind of expression, as long as it is not discriminatory, aggressive or malicious. You know where the line is, draw it with honour.


Victories are won with hours of gaming, learning from mistakes and a dirty, sweaty t-shirt, not buying shameful software. It takes away the fun for the people that play by the rules and those people are the majority in all gaming communities. If you are caught cheating, we will take away your chocolate and you won’t like it.

Vegan Spaceship

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